Saturday, October 01, 2016

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About Us

Psitec Pty Ltd established in 2001 is a developer and manufacturer of advanced technology sensors and accessories.  Clive Ragless, the founder and Managing Director of IPA Manufacturing with over 50 years of experience in industrial instrumentation and control created Psitec to develop products based on the unique properties of specialised polymers.   Two of these products include the Fermetrol fermentation sensor and the aquatrol soil moisture sensor. 

The Fermetrol sensor reacts to both the osmotic potential of the grape juice and the increasing alcohol content of fermenting juice.   This reaction is then converted to an electrical signal that is interpreted by software to give very accurate readings on rate of fermentation in real time.

The Aquatrol Soil Moisture Sensor can accurately measure soil matric potential in the same way plants consume water from soil.  It can operate in any soil type, is easy to install, requires little or no maintenance and is cost effective.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia Psitec employs eight full time staff in its sales and manufacturing facilities.

The symbol psi, pronounced 'sigh' is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet.  It is often used as a symbol for the osmotic potential of solutions and the matrix potential of soil.  It is these forces that the unique products from Psitec measure and the reason we have chosen it to represent us.
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